Saturday, April 28, 2012

Summer means visors!

In The South we love our visors. I'm don't really think it's a uniquely southern thing, but I do notice them a lot more down here.  Perhaps it's because our golf season is so much longer than in other parts of the country. I was in the market for a few new visors for the summer and was, of course, looking for a product made in the USA. 

Quick aside... I was given a visor that I thought was quite cool, and wore it to an event this morning with my family. My wife, being ever observant and never shy about calling BS on me, happened to read the label when I took it off after walking indoors.  "Made in Bangladesh" right there in black and white.  She was shocked that I would even wear it.  She's right (as always) ;-)

So, now that I'm home I went on a quest for visors that are made in the USA (preferably in The South).  I checked out State Traditions first since I have been looking at their Georgia themed merchandise for a while.  I looked on their site but couldn't find info on where the products are made.  One quick email and I found out that the visors are made in Louisville, KY. They responded right away too - I'm talking about less than 15 minutes on a Saturday afternoon.  Now that's service! :-)

I ordered one for now (seen here) to get a sense of the fit and finish.  If all goes well, I'll be ordering several more in various colors.

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