Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My next tie purchase!

I had the pleasure of stumbling upon a fantastic site today: Confederate Colonel. From the about page, the site is "an online community of those striving to live the life of the Southern Gentleman or Southern Lady in today’s world. It is Chivalry with a Southern accent. It is the New Life of The Old South. It is a rich heritage waiting to be claimed by those who strive to live life with the quiet dignity that once exemplified life in the South. It is gracious Southern living at its best." Well said, sir! I received an email from Stephen Clay McGehee, the owner of the site thanking me for registering.  Now that is Southern graciousness defined!  Stephen was also kind enough to send me a link to a store front that he operates called the where he sells the tie you see here.  I certainly will be ordering one soon!  Check out Stephen's site and start readin'! 

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