Saturday, April 21, 2012

My first visit to the famous George Dean's in historic Athens, GA

I was in Athens, GA this past Friday for meetings on campus at UGA. I had some time to kill so I walked around downtown to see what kind of vintage and classic clothing stores I could peruse.  Although I had heard of George Dean's many times, I had never had the chance to visit.  If you find yourself in Athens, George Dean's is an absolute "do not miss" store.

It's hard to say what I found most impressive - the amount of high-quality men's wear (most of which made in the USA) or the kindness and graciousness of the staff and, especially the owner, Wayne Dean. Wayne is the son of the store founder (you guessed it), George Walker Dean. Sadly, George Dean passed away on October 2, 2008 at age 88 . He was a veritable fixture in Athens business and community life for many years.  He opened George Dean's in 1966 when he bought the long-standing John Q. West apparel shop.  He is best remembered for his love of people and treating all those that passed through the doors of his shop with fairness and decency.  His son, Wayne, continues that tradition to this day.

Wayne Dean, owner of George Dean's

Everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) the well dressed southern gentleman could need is here.

If I ever feel that I can "pull off" a hat, I'll know where to find one!

I will be returning for a Seersucker suite and many other "must haves!"
 As you'll see on their website, the store carries a wide variety of classic brands.  Being located in a college town, they also sell lines popular with students here in the south: Southern Proper, Volunteer Traditions and Southern Point Co.  Bottom line: George Dean's has everything the southern gentleman could need! 

I left the store with beautiful new R Hanauer Red/Black University Combo bowtie. R Hanauer products are proudly made right here in The South in Fort Mill, South Carolina.
Similar to the one I purchased, but mine is red & black (go Dawgs)!

Fortunately, the store is a fixture in Athens and won't be going anywhere any time soon. Thankfully I will be returning to UGA in a couple of weeks for more meetings, so I'll plan for extra time to pay another visit and hopefully get that Seersucker suit and a few other things I had my eye on. For those of you who will not be making it to Athens, they have a website and an online store.

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  1. 1965-66 How well I remember my Emmanuel College (Franklin Springs, Ga.) roommate & I...borrowing ANY car..and promptly heading the 65 miles to John Q. West for one purpose:
    Gant Huggers or (the newly introduced) Sero-NewHaven shirts. The prices were in the $6.50 range, and those visits changed-my-life! R. Rogers, Tulsa, Oklahoma