Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day from The South

The family and I spent the day in yard planting and preparing our gardens! The Confederate Jasmine, Honeysuckle vines, and Lilacs are all in full bloom. The amazing scents carry forever on the breeze. The dogwoods might be done blooming, but the rest of our native species are just now starting to flower.  Our peaches are coming along nicely as well. This spring has been particularly cool so far and the native plants love it.

Confederate Jasmine

Young Peaches - We'll be preserving these this autumn.

Wild Honeysuckle vines.

Grancy Grey Beard

Native Georgia Azelia

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  1. The South is beautiful any time of year, but Spring is the time when we not only see, but smell the sweet scent of home. Thanks for the great photos!